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    Restaurants in Tivoli

    Tivoli offers numerous venues that are very much worth a visit to pamper your palate. All manner of local pubs and trattorias in which to sample true specialities and fine dining restaurants where you can order high-quality dishes and unusual flavours As we understand that everyone’s needs and tastes are different, this article will include a selection of restaurants in Tivoli capable of satisfying the most diverse requirements and with greatly differing locations, atmospheres and menus. What they do have in common is the seal of approval from those who have already visited!

    restaurants in tivoli la sibilla

    Ristorante Sibilla
    50 Via della Sibilla – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 335281
    Open every day

    The oldest restaurant in Tivoli, located in the amazing setting of the Acropoli Tiburtina.
    La Sibilla has been welcoming customers into its rooms and garden at the foot of the Templi dell’Acropoli since 1720; among its more famous guests are Pope Leon XII, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Yoko Ono.
    An quick mention must be made of the garden and the amazing atmosphere you find sitting at its tables underneath the pergola… the extraordinary view does the rest: it’s really worth going at least once in your lifetime. Indoors, the rooms are classically furnished and heated by means of an elegant open fire.
    The menu is a mix of traditional and cleverly prepared dishes and their tasty reinterpretations.
    The restaurant is happy to accept your four-legged friends.
    Due to its charming location and elegant furnishings, La Sibilla is best suited to romantic dinners and intimate work or social meetings with a few choice guests, as well as important events such as weddings.
    It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Tivoli, but its uniqueness and quality justify the expense.



    Restaurant and Pizzeria Il Ciocco
    33 Via Ponte Gregoriano – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 333482
    Closed Monday lunchtime

    Located within the characteristic small streets of Tivoli, but with a spacious car park available, il Ciocco was carved out of a wall of rock that looks over the natural springs, the Terme Gregoriane.
    It has a charming view, through the restaurant glass wall, over the Villa Gregoriana… and you simply must take the opportunity to visit the Grotte Gregoriane, natural caves dug out of the rock by the Aniene River.
    The indoor room can seat up to 250 and is furnished in simple and traditional fashion. From the 19th century terrace, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the waterfalls and the Villa Gregoriana.
    The menu offers traditional and tasty meat and seafood dishes, as well as various types of pizza. The ideal solution for those who wish to eat well without over-spending!

    ristorante_parco_laghi-dei_realiRistorante “La Quercia”
    Strada Colle Rosa snc – Castel Madama – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 447733
    Open every day dinner time

    Located in a private park of 8 hectares, the restaurant La Quercia, is a few kilometers from Tivoli. It is located in the Green Park Madama hotel, where once there was a convent of Benedictine nuns, now completely restored. You’ll enjoy your meal immersed in greenery and nature, between the orchard and olive grove park. The menu is inspired by the typical Roman cuisine, ranging from meat to vegetarian recipes. We suggest before dinner, a relaxing walk in the park, always very well maintained by the owners. Staff is always at your disposal and is you’re tired after your meal or would like to spend your weekend in Tivoli… there are 54 rooms waiting for you and plenty of activity to organize!


    ristorante-a-tivoliTaverna Quintilia
    Vicolo Tondini, 4 – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 314686
    Open every day

    Taverna Quintilia is located in the historic center of Tivoli, near Piazza Santa Croce, in one of the narrowest streets of Tivoli. The atmosphere is elegant, nice and embellished by Roman frescoes in its halls. The menu offers a wide choice, but we suggest to try the fish, cooked with passion by the owners, of Neapolitan origin, taking both the traditional recipes that the most elaborate and sophisticated inspired by the best traditions of the Amalfi Coast. You’ll find also meat dishes and pasta recipes all made with great attention to the quality of raw materials: handmade pasta and fresh fish.


    ristorante_parco_dei-laghi_realiParco dei Laghi Reali (Royal Lakes Park)
    Via Tiburtina Valeria Km 34. 500 – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 418461
    Closed Monday

    Only a few km from the centre of Tivoli, in an enchanting location, the Parco dei Laghi Reali is a must for those who visit the water features of the famous Villas of Tivoli.
    Where good food and outdoor enjoyment are combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings
    The Park was created in the 1970s and includes two Small Lakes open for Trout game fishing, fish rearing tanks and a Restaurant, all within a charming countryside setting.
    The owners are personally responsible for the service and cooking… a guarantee of courtesy and a very warm welcome.
    The menu offered features local produce: Brown Trout, River Prawns, Truffles, Porcini Mushrooms, Cured Cuts of Wild Boar. Furthermore: handmade pasta, Barbecue specialities and a good choice of homemade puddings.


    Ristorante Il Borghetto
    58 Via dei Sosii – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 330486
    Open every day

    Located in the heart of Tivoli, this restaurant is all you would wish a family-run venue to be: warmly welcoming with regional and Roman traditional food.
    A tasty refuge in the centre of Tivoli, where you can sample regional recipes, local specialities of Abruzzo and special dishes: homemade gnocchi in a mutton sauce on Thursdays, fresh fish on Fridays and polenta with rib tips and sausage at the weekend.
    In the summer, you can choose whether to eat outside or indoors, cooled by air conditioning.
    A sure venue for those who are looking for a relaxing atmosphere and good, local food.


    Ristorante_5_statue_TivoliRistorante 5 Statue
    1 Largo S. Angelo – Tivoli
    Telephone: (0039) 0774 335366
    Closed Monday

    Thanks to many years of great tradition as a restaurant of the highest quality, the 5 Statue restaurant, designed as an elegant meeting place and set within the beautiful natural landscape of the Parco Villa Gregoriana, has become a point of reference for the Tiburtino area.
    The restaurant 5 Statue is spacious and welcoming, with spaces divided to create a great atmosphere both for a romantic dinner for two and for large groups.
    You can choose either a starter and a pizza or a complete menu, with fresh regional produce. The barbecued meat is recommended!
    How’s the service? Rapid, courteous and… with a big smile.

    And here we come to the end of our brief journey of the flavours of the restaurants in Tivoli. We have tried to give you suitable options for all requirements and all budgets.
    Let us know if you have visited any of these restaurants and tell us about your experience!

    Buon Appetito!

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