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    Restaurants and Local Specialities in Tivoli

    Tivoli is not just a unique cultural destination.
    In Tivoli, the food and drink is good, really good. Actually, it’s more than good.
    Tivoli offers a range of fine local specialities, to take home and enjoy around the table every day.
    Oil, wine, meat, wheat, grain… Tivoli’s economy has forever been based on agriculture and sheep farming.
    Thanks to the warm climate and the local Aniene River, the Tivoli countryside and all of the Monti Tiburtini area of Lazio provide us with a rich choice of local produce.
    Even today, the town’s economy is made up of direct producers and small medium family enterprises.

    We have an objective at Green Park Madama.
    To discover together with you the great local specialities of Tivoli, one at a time.
    So let’s get started!




    The land of Tivoli is famous throughout the world for its oil, ‘Olio Sabina DOP‘. Golden in colour, with touches of green… a fruity aroma and velvety smooth flavour… it stands out from the crowd. A concentration of flavour, derived from pressing various types of olive: Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Olivastrone, Salviana, Olivago and Rosciola. A healthy and balanced dressing, perfect for any dish: try it on hot bread or in a bean and vegetable soup!
    There are many small producers of Olio Sabina Dop in the Tivoli territory: the Colfiorito Farm makes a great 100% organic oil… and for those of you who prefer a more aromatic flavour, take a trip to the Azienda Agricola Tio Pepe!




    The hills of Tivoli are lined with rows of vines: a beautiful sight to behold… and unique flavours to sample! The local wines of Tivoli are recognised throughout Italy: Cesanese DOP, the perfect red to accompany the local cured meats and pecorino cheese; Frascati DOC, a refined and delicate white, suited to accompany you throughout a meal… Contact us at Green Park Madama and we will organise the pleasure of a wine tasting at the Colfiorito Farm in true local style: simple, warm and as part of the family.


    Restaurants and Trattorias

    tivoli-restaurants-osteria-briciolativoli restaurants il cioccotivoli restaurants la sibilla

    Among the narrow streets of the town and the green of the surrounding hillsides, Tivoli hides numerous places in which to sample local cuisine: restaurants, trattorias, inns… all with the common themes of quality of produce used and the great atmosphere they manage to create. Because eating outdoors under a pergola of vines, whilst admiring the archaeological remains of Roman temples, or organising a romantic dinner with a view of the Grotte Gregoriane… is an experience that brings you peace of mind and spirit. And at Green Park Madama, we like to ensure that our guests experience the best of Tivoli and of our region. So… buon appetito!

    Because eating in Tivoli… is an experience not to be missed!

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    Culture, entertainment, shopping: the wonders of Tivoli and Rome are a step away from our hotel. We are here to help you discover them.