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    Oil and Wine: Tenuta Colfiorito

    tivoli-oil-and-wine-tenuta-colfioritoTenuta Colfiorito

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    The Tivoli region is home to producers of some of the best DOC and DOCG controlled origin oils and wines, in particular all of the area sheltered by the Sabine Hills. Among these is the Tenuta Colfiorita, a historic business with vineyards stretching for 30 hectares along the Sabine hillsides and with over 5 thousand centuries-old olive trees.

    The result: excellent wines and the most fragrant olive oil!



    We would like to recommend two of the Tenuta Colfiorita labels: Villa Cocceia and Il Sorgente. A red and a white with one common feature: they have both recently been awarded the I.G.T. Lazio geographical indication… a guarantee of quality and professionalism!

    wine-tenuta-colfiorito-villa-cocceiaVilla Cocceia

    Red > IGT geographical indication – Lazio
    0.75 cl > 13.5% vol

    Villa Cocceia is a combination of two red grapes:

    • Sangiovese is the undisputed king of red wines in Central Italy: the dark grapes produce a ruby red wine. The Sangiovese aromas are predominantly of red fruits, among which notably the fragrances of black cherries, blackberries and prunes. The predominantly floral aroma is due to the ageing in wooden caskets.
    • Cesanese is the traditional grape of the Lazio region: an ancient and important vine, it envelops you in its velvety, smooth and rich fragrance with strong tannins. Due to its sensory characteristics, it is also used to produce a sweet, dessert variation.

    Villa Cocceia, from the Tenuta Colfiorito, is born of the meeting of these two grapes: a ruby-red wine that offers a fragrance of violets, forest fruits, marasca cherries and vanilla and that is the ideal accompaniment to flavoursome pasta dishes, red meats or cheeses.


    White > IGT geographical indication – Lazio
    0.75 cl > 12% vol

    Sorgente is produced from a combination of two white grapes:

    • Malvasia, with its typical spicy fragrance of moss and apricots and its fairly high residual sugar levels which give the wine its golden yellow colour and an aromatic perfume.
    • Greco, a vine that produces a pale golden wine with touches of amber, whose flavour has hints of toasted almonds and figs.

    Sorgente presents a straw yellow hue with a fragrance of acacia, citrus fruits and meadow flowers. It is a perfumed wine with a crisp and persistent flavour, ideal as an aperitif and to accompany fish dishes and white meat.

    And for rosé wine fans, we recommend that you try the IGP Rosa dei Venti from the Tenuta Colfiiorito: a pomegranate-pink wine that will capture your senses with its violet and cherry aroma. Perfect for aperitifs and fish starters with its 11.5% vol.


    Tenuta Colfiorito also produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the unique microclimate on the slopes of the Monti Tiburtini, perfect for growing healthy, firm green olives.

    tivoli-tenuta-colfiorito-tivoli100% Organic EV Olive Oil

    The more than 5 thousand centuries-old Rosciola, Rotonda and Procanica olive trees produce around 8 thousand litres of organically-farmed extra virgin olive oil every year.

    Exactly… not just quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but also certified organic.
    The olive harvesting is brought forward to October to ensure that the fruit keeps its fragrance. The continuous cycle cold pressing and extraction guarantees that the product characteristics remain intact and the bottling, as with all of the production stages, takes place on site at Colfiorito.

    • The extra virgin Montano San Giuseppe olive oil is produced from the first pressing of the olives harvested from the most easterly exposed vines, and is made up of 80% Montanese cultivars, whose low yield make the oil especially intensely fruity.
    • The organic, extra virgin Tenuta Colfiorito olive oil is a superbly high-quality product with a golden colour, a pleasantly fruity aroma, a distinct but not overpowering flavour and a very low acidity level.

    So, what we mean to say is… come to Tivoli to discover the Tenuta Colfiorito and sample the wines and olive oils: fragrant, unique, unforgettable.


    Tenuta Colfiorito: get your senses ready.

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