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    Tivoli Spa: the benefits of the Acque Albule

    The Tivoli Spa is all about the Acque Albule. So let’s start from there:

    • What are the Acque Albule? 
      They are sulphurous mineral waters that are an effective cure for respiratory, rheumatic, urinary and skin diseases.
    • Why are they called Acque Albule? 
      Because they have a chalky colour due to two substances dissolved in the water: carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.
    • Where do the Acque Albule come from?
      They come from two lakes: Lake Regina, large and shallow, and Lake Colonnelle, smaller and deep. The water flows at a good 3,000 litres per second at a temperature of 23 degrees, thanks to the heat from the residual activity of the Vulcano Laziale volcano.

    And above all…

    spa-tivoli-balneotherapyWhat are the benefits of the Acque Albule?

    Dermatological benefits

    The Tivoli acque albule help to combat acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and skin fungi, thanks to the following properties:

    • sebo-regulating;
    • anti-inflammatory, thus reducing itchiness;
    • antimicrobial and antiparasitic, with positive effects on cutaneous mycoses;
    • keratoplastic and keratolytic, in other words they are capable of softening and dissolving the surface layer of the skin and stimulating the production of new, healthier and softer layers; this has a positive effect on calluses, warts, skin-shedding diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis, and even on acne, due to the waters’ purifying and astringent effects.

    The most common method of benefiting from these effects on the skin is to bathe in the thermal pools or undertake a series of balneotherapy sessions. Balneotherapy consists of bathing in hot thermal water for 15-20 minutes, doing a series of around 10 immersions. Balneotherapy also induces the absorption of minerals, especially through inhalation, which has a positive effect on various diseases (allergies and hepatic problems, intoxication etc.)


    tivoli-spa-fangotherapyTreatments for vein and artery diseases

    Fangotherapy is the ideal treatment for those suffering from problems related to the circulation, arthrosis, neck pain, periarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis etc., but it is also good for helping general pain, oedemas and pain caused by contusions, sprains and fractures. The mud you apply is a mix of clay and thermal water that is left to mature for 6 months: during this time, the elements change to create this mud with unique beneficial properties.

    The mud is spread onto the body at 40 degrees (unless otherwise indicated by a doctor) on the relevant areas of the body, which are then wrapped in hot towels to stop the mud from cooling down before the end of the treatment. After 15-20 minutes, the patient is washed with thermal water and left to rest on a lounger to allow for the continuation of the positive effects of the mud pack on the body. And results are guaranteed!

    tivoli-spa-inhalation-therapiesBenefits for respiratory and ear, nose and throat problems

    Inhalation therapies using acque albule are a famous method of combating respiratory problems. There are many options, each one developed ad hoc to fight a particular disease: nasal showers, inhalation, aerosol and insufflation therapies.

    Thermal medicine treatments capable of providing positive effects on various types of bronchitis, bronchial asthma and emphysema with mild inflammation. Inhalation therapies using acque albume are also recommended for ear, nose and throat diseases, such as various types of rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, otitis and catarrh. Obviously, in the case of chronic illnesses, the benefits are felt above all if you follow a course of inhalation therapy sessions over a period of time. Try it to believe it!

    Acque Albule: famous throughout Europe.

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