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    The Tivoli Spas: beauty and relaxation treatments

    The Tivoli Spa, today known as “Terme di Roma” (Rome Spa) is not only a location par excellence for thermal medicinal cures. Spa means warmth, relaxation, peace and tranquillity. So let’s discover together the thermal spring wellness that is waiting for you at the Tivoli Spa, every year from 1 March to 1 December. Any suggestions? Heated thermal pool, sauna, Turkish baths, Kneipp, aromatised showers, vascular therapy and relaxation areas…


    logo-terme-di-romaOutdoor thermal pools

    During the warm season, you simply cannot miss out on a dip in the pools at the Tivoli Spa: four pools creating a total of 6,000 m2 of crystal water!
    Two suitable for children, who can be free to play as you watch them from your lounger. The other two ideal for swimming or enjoying a natural hydromassage under the baby waterfalls.
    And remember: taking a dip in the thermal pools is more than simply the pleasure of bathing at a constant temperature of 23 degrees; the sulphur is good for your skin and respiratory system… as well as for rebalancing your autonomic nervous system tone.
    You can find information on prices, opening times, services and package offers HERE.


    tivoli-spa-treatmentHydromassage and spa therapy

    The indoor thermal pools are heated and provide many health benefits for whoever wishes to take a dip:

    • Thermal hydromassage: For a therapeutic massage of the deeper skin layers, jets of sulphurous water that stimulate the venous circulation. The ideal treatment to combat cellulite and tone the skin, as well as a healing therapy for psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema.
    • Kneipp therapy: a series of baths with thermal water at different temperatures, in which to immerse your legs up to your knees. River pebbles on the bottom of every bath to massage naturally the soles of your feet. A walk that strengthens your immune system and stimulates the circulation.
    • Vascular therapy: a special long and narrow pool, divided into two parts – hot thermal water and cold thermal water. Immersed up to your waist, you walk from the first to the second pool, up and down some steps, involving: massage to the soles of your feet, massage from the movement in water, toning effect of the water temperature difference on the capillaries, hydromassage from the water jets.


    The dry heat of the sauna and the soothing effect of the sulphurous steam provide a natural detox for your skin… and for your spirit.
    Originating in Finland, the ancient practice of the sauna allows you to eliminate toxins by means of perspiration, improving circulation, relaxing muscles and reducing nervous tension.
    At the end of the sauna, you can visit the herbal tea room to replace all of the liquids you lose.
    Not to be missed!

    Turkish Baths

    Purification from the inside out, immersed in sulphurous steam that relaxes, hydrates and purifies the skin, as well as working as a nasal decongestant, thanks to the aerosol effect.
    One interesting fact: even if the room is at an inferior temperature to that of the sauna, the steam makes you feel the heat more… so if you don’t like intense heat or if you suffer from low blood pressure… choose an alternative treatment!

    Aromatic shower and relaxation area

    To finish up… a dip under the aromatic shower, which releases fragrant and relaxing essences, and then… you are ready to conclude your therapy on a lounger in the relaxation room, for a pleasant ‘return to reality’ with a reinvigorating herbal tea.

    In the meantime, take a look at this old video to see how it makes you feel…

    Tivoli Spa: where wellness awaits.

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