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    Rock climbing the Simbruini Mountains

    rock-climbing-simbruini-mountainsRock climbing

    Mountain climbing is an increasingly popular sport because it allows you to get in touch with your body, with nature and… with your mind.
    Whereas, not so long ago, it was thought to be a sport reserved only for expert mountaineers, today freestyle rock climbing is practised by many amateurs who are motivated by their love of mountains.

    But remember: never take risks with mountainous terrain.
    Always follow these 4 basic rules:

    • Choose a route that is suited to your personal ability
    • Listen to the guides’ advice
    • Stick to the advised timetable
    • Opt for group outings.


    For Further Information, download the activity schedule:

    Download-Activity-Schedule Within the .pdf file, you will find all the information on the Vivere l’Aniene Association rock climbing excursions.

    Book through Green Park Madama and you will Receive the following Discounts on Vivere L’Aniene activities:

    • MINI 2-hour ROCK CLIMBING COURSE… just €15!


    freestyle-rock-climbing-simbruini-mountainsRock Climbing on the Simbruini Mountains

    The Simbruini Mountains Park is the largest natural park in the Lazio Region and offers wonderful excursion opportunities with varying levels of difficulty, providing you with some spectacular and unique panoramic views.
    It’s not by chance that the Simbruini Mountains Park is one of the most famous places in Italy for freestyle rock climbing routes suitable for all experience levels, and in particular Monte Cotento (2,015 m), which is a well-known international destination for freestyle rock climbing and potholing.

    These mountains offer numerous freestyle routes, with shorter climbs for those who are trying for the first time the mountain paths and rock faces and more difficult challenges for experienced climbers.

    Monte Livata is one of the favourites, in both summer and winter. When covered in snow, Monte Livata is a ski destination for Nordic and cross-country skiing, due to the absence of any great differences in altitude and steep hills; Monte Livata is also suitable for walks and excursions using snowshoes. The Monna dell’Orso pistes and the Campo dell’Osso locality are skiing attractions that meet the needs of all visitors.

    In the summer period, Monte Livata provides magnificent sceneries full of colour. Lush pastures in which to walk, hiking and mountain bike routes and river courses in which to enjoy canoeing or rafting.

    Monte Cotento has more rugged peaks, and in the summer it becomes a destination for mountaineering, rock climbing and potholing, thanks to its many caves and grottos. Cave exploration is one of the oldest and most fascinating activities of man. Cave halls, tunnels, wells and siphons are just a few of the formations typically found in karst caves. Indeed, the Park territory is characterised by innumerable karst caves, some of which can be visited, and by numerous rock faces suitable for rock climbing.

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