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    Rafting on the Aniene


    Soft rafting with friends from “Vivere l’Aniene”

    It’s no longer necessary to explain to people what rafting is… In recent years, rafting has gone from being considered only an extreme sport to being seen as a fun and thrilling group sport for everyone. The perfect solution for those looking for an outdoor activity that combines a love of water with the thrill of danger… all in total safety.

    tivoli-rafting-anieneThe down river course of the Aniene

    For years, one of the most loved down river courses in the Tivoli area has been that of the Aniene River in Subiaco.

    Rafting on the Aniene is suitable for all ages and is ideal for young people and families. Whether you are expert paddlers or just beginners, thanks to the guides and expert staff at the Vivere l’Aniene Association, the down river course is sure to be great fun and totally safe.
    In Subiaco, our friends at the Vivere l’Aniene Association will provide you with all of the equipment on hire: from the dinghy to the paddles, life jackets and harnesses. Everything you need to tackle the down river rafting course on the Aniene.
    You can choose to go with a guide or book a freestyle course.
    The children will have the time of their lives experiencing the thrills of true explorers… and the adults will rediscover that childhood excitement!

    The watchword is: learn to know the river, work as a team and… paddle as hard as you can!

    For Further Information, download the activity schedule:

    Download-Activity-Schedule Within the .pdf file, you can find all information on Down River Rafting on the Aniene organised by the Vivere l’Aniene Association.

    Book through the Green Park Madama Hotel and you will Receive the Following Discounted Prices on Rafting with Vivere l’Aniene:

    • €12 for adults!
    • €10 for children!


    rafting-down-river-anieneRafting on the Aniene: nature and adventure!

    Down river rafting on the Aniene involves discovering all of the wonders of the Aniene River and Monte Subiaco.
    The tour enables you to totally immerse yourself in the surroundings, becoming one with nature. The Aniene River, characterised by its crystal clear and fast-running waters, will give you a thrilling experience full of adventure and enchanting scenery.

    On the Aniene River, on board special dinghies, with a team of up to 10 people, all equipped with wetsuits, water shoes, life jackets, safety harnesses, helmets and any other necessary equipment, steering the boat through the rapids with their paddles.
    The trip of around 5 km lasts for roughly 2 hours and has both an low-difficulty course as well as a harder course for expert rafters.

    If you prefer to go down the river in a Canoe, with us you pay just €30 for a single and €20 for a group canoe!


    Rafting is… letting the currents carry you down!

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