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    Nordic Walking and Winter Nordic Walking routes on Monte Livata


    Nordic Walking is a great outdoor resistance activity.

    Walking with the aid of special poles to support your every step, with strides that are longer than those of a normal walking pace.
    Originally a support activity for out-of-season cross-country skiing training, today this sport has been expanded to include Winter Nordic Walking, with snowshoes instead of skis to help you up to the top of the mountains around Tivoli.
    However, be warned… don’t go thinking it’s a stroll in the park: Nordic Walking is a sport that activates a good 600 of the body’s muscles – legs, chest, arms, shoulders, back and neck!

    Take a look at the secrets and benefits of Nordic Walking on the national information portal and at the excursions organised by the Vivere l’Aniene Association on Monte Livata!

    For Further Information, download the activity schedule:

    Download-Activity-Schedule Within the .pdf file, you will find all information on snowshoe excursions and on the Vivere l’Aniene Association’s Nordic walking routes.

    Book through the Green Park Madama and you will get the following discounts on Vivere l’Aniene excursions:

    • €10 for a hike using snowshoes!
    • €15 for a Nordic Walking hike!


    Nordic Walking and nature

    But Nordic Walking is not just a physical activity; it is, above all, a form of therapy for your physical and psychological wellbeing.
    The rediscovery of the right way of walking, the readjustment of the body’s bones and muscles and the resulting overall relaxation and sense of wellbeing.
    And, furthermore, all practised in contact with nature.
    Nature lovers, or simply those who lead chaotic lives, perhaps in a large city with heavy traffic, will discover mental and physical rejuvenation by immersing themselves for a few hours in the green countryside and practising this wonderful sport, even better in good company.

    nordic-walking-routes-lazioBetween Tivoli, Subiaco and Monte Livata

    And if the landscape of your Nordic Walking is that of the hills of Tivoli, Monte Livata and the Aniene Valley… you really cannot miss out on trying this activity which, in its basic version, is suitable for almost anyone.
    Here are some suggestions for your Nordic Walking and Winter Nordic Walking routes in the Lazio Region, provided by the Vivere l’Aniene Association and by the Nordic Walking Valle dell’Aniene, both important references for your excursions in the area:

    • The Aniene Valley, a protected natural area… its flat landscape makes it ideal for novices in search of beautiful walks among the oak, elm and white willow trees.
    • Monti Simbruini, our Regional Natural Park, ready to provide panoramic views for your excursions with its 30,000 hectares of protected land. The bravest of you can climb to 2,000 m on Monte Cotento, whilst those of you who are looking for even more exciting views can choose Monte Autore, from which to admire the Gran Sasso, Maiella and Velino mountains.
    • Monte Livata, destination Monna dell’Orso, through beech woods and green pastures until you find yourself looking over the Simbrivio Valley and the Monti Ernici.
    • Monti Ernici, mountain range and natural border between the Lazio and Abruzzo regions. And, if you feel up to it… choose the route that takes you to the top of Monte Crepacuore (Heartbreak Mountain)!



    Winter Nordic Walking with”Vivere l’Aniene”

    Some useful advice…

    If you are practising Nordic Walking at an amateur level, you can use running clothing.
    If you are not of an advanced level, yet you would like to try harder routes, we advise you to use the appropriate footwear.
    And, of course, walking poles, the essential and irreplaceable tool of Nordic Walking.
    And please remember: do not try to recycle your skiing or hiking poles… they are no good! You must hire or buy the specific poles, which are shorter and fitted with a special glove that gives you a particular grip essential to the correct Nordic Walking method. Don’t worry, the organisers of your excursions will be able to provide you with the right poles if need be.

    To take a look at a few photos of the routes and suggestions for 2014, follow the Facebook page, Vivere l’Aniene Nordic Walking!

    And remember: Green Park Madama is available to put you in contact with the relevant local organisations, in order to help you create personalised packages and ensure you the best special offers!


    Prepare your walking poles… we’re off!

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