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    Children's horse riding in Tivoli

    horse-rides-tivoliLet’s start with an established fact: horse riding is an ideal activity for children. Discipline, coordination, balance… and that’s just to start with.

    Horse riding is:

    • An outdoor activity that is unusual and exciting for children who come from the city and spend too much time indoors. Feeling the fresh air on your face and in your lungs, greenery all around, the smells (good and bad!) of the countryside and the animals… a true reawakening of the senses!
    • Being in harmony with your horse and, if it is a continued activity, the pleasure of taking care of your animal. As well as empathy, the development of personal relationships, a sense of responsibility and loyalty: a horse allows you to touch it, take care of it, ride it, but a horse also demands respect and won’t stand for any ambiguities of behaviour.
    • Great fun! Walk, trot, gallop, jumps… and treks through the woodland and strokes of your horse’s mane… children absolutely love these beautiful animals!

    Children’s horse riding in Tivoli


    A few minutes from Tivoli, precisely in Location Fontebianca, your kids will enjoy the professionalism of the Scuderia Fontebianca and their Pony House. From 4 to 16 years, your children will spend unforgettable hours with their little friends and stable with certified instructors who will discover with the incredible world of horses.

    Also in Tivoli, you have to discover Quintilio Primo ASD, an association of social promotion and amateur sports, ready to welcome all the children horse-enthusiasts and their families: pony trekking, horse riding, recreational riding for disabled, collaborations with schools. … internships and campus.

    Just 30 minutes north of Tivoli, in the Sant’angelo Romano locality, the Colle Lungo Equine Centre offers riding lessons for all levels, including for children, as well as horse treks. Unfortunately, the centre doesn’t have a website but you can visit their Facebook page.

    And to finish up, if you are planning a trip to Valmontone, perhaps to do a bit of shopping in the famous outlet centre, you might like to take the opportunity to visit the Santo Pietro Pony Club.
    The stables are specialised in horse riding for children, who can ride and spend time with horses and ponies… from experience, we can promise you that watching, as a parent, the formation of a natural, harmonious relationship between your child and his or her pony is definitely worth it.

    3…2…1… ready to go!

    Discover the natural beauty and goodness of horses.

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